PropTech. Transformation in Real Estate

PropTech. Transformation in Real Estate

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PropTech - is the future of the real estate and the great opportunity for traditional real estate organizations. The traditional real estate sector remains one of the most low-tech markets, and a tremendous transformation awaits. 

Digital transformation and disruption have progressed too slowly in the real estate sector. But very soon, everything will radically change and now the market is undergoing a powerful transformation that is rapidly changing the existing ecosystem of the real estate market.

"PropTech. Transformation in Real Estate" report describes innovative technologies in real estate, PropTech markets, ecosystem trends, investment opportunities, important players, future property technologies, key drivers & new solutions.

The Growing importance of PropTech became obvious to investors, and top management of construction corporations, and technology startups, the demand for the purchase of which is growing exponentially.

This PropTech report was created for:

  • progressive investment funds & private investors in disruptive sectors,
  • leaders of real estate companies looking for new solutions for diversification and technological transformation,
  • property owners,
  • real estate developers,
  • construction companies and suppliers,
  • property advisors and brokers,
  • appraisers and valuators,
  • asset managers,
  • technology companies looking for new markets.

In full, the PropTech report: 

  • Provides a blueprint of the traditional real estate market and explains how digitization is shaking up this market
  • Identifies key players operating in the new industry — including noteworthy incumbents embracing going digital as well as tech-focused newcomers
  • Explores how unique legacy players can leverage proptech and digitalization of real estate to boost operations and gain an advantage in their respective segments. 
  • Pinpoints key digital construction & proptech funding areas and considers what the future of the real estate space looks like. 
  • Pinpoints key digital construction & proptech funding areas and considers what the future of the real estate space looks like. 
  • Shows which proptech segments you need to invest in today to manage new industries tomorrow.

Report contents 

PropTech Introduction

  • The fourth industrial revolution
  • Industry disruption
  • Innovation & smart real estate
  • What is PropTech?
  • 4 PropTech waves

The market

  • Real estate market players
  • Sizing the market
  • Key industry processes
  • Investment activity
  • Geographic dispersion of markets
  • Market Niches
  • Market Trends

Smart Technologies

  • How tech is streamlining the property sector
  • Innovations in real estate
  • Industrial technology guide
  • DIgital platforms
  • Web apps & mobile apps
  • APIs, data science & visualization
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • 5G technologies in real estate
  • Cloud computing
  • Transportation technologies: drones, autonomous vehicles & hyperloop 

Smart real estate

  • Introduction: ConTech and smart real estate
  • Digitalization
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart home
  • Smart transportation
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Digital twins
  • Modular construction
  • 3D printing solutions
  • Sensors and robotics
  • Smart materials
  • Green buildings
  • Smart energy
  • Smart greed
  • Increasing occupant wellbeing
  • Increasing space utilization
  • Smart retail
  • Smart logistics
  • Smart residential
  • Emerging sectors
  • Smart city applications

Business process transformation

  • PropTech business models
  • Home as a function
  • Home as service
  • House by subscription
  • Online residential brokers
  • Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)
  • Commercial real estate data
  • Legal processes and PropTech
  • Construction without developers
  • Co-living, cohousing, community hotels  & shared living community
  • FinTech in the city technologies
  • FinTech services in PropTech
  • Instant mortgages
  • Real estate transactions
  • Crowdfunding & peer-to-peer lending
  • Real estate tokenization
  • SaaS in the city

The sharing economy in the city

  • The sharing economy of 2020
  • The office sector
  • Residential real estate
  • Other ProrTech sectors

Real estate transformation agents

  • Chief technology officers (CTO)
  • Chief data officers (CDO)
  • Chief digital transformation officers (CDTO)
  • Chief information officers (CIO)

PropTech Futures

  • Technology adoption-diffusion theories
  • Barriers to PropTech adoption
  • Predicting PropTech adoption
  • The entrance of tech giants
  • Resisting monopoly
  • Tomorrow’s technology
  • Employment
  • Global mega forces and sustainability
  • The future of PropTech

Investment advice

  • What real estate niches should you invest in today?

Advice to developers

Summary and conclusions